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Flexible and specialized

At Herkt Stanztechnologie, we find solutions where others see problems and adapt flexibly to customer requirements. Our products and services are used in various industries.

With decades of industry experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of our customers and their respective sectors. We provide specialized solutions, particularly for the automotive industry, medical technology sector, and household appliance industry.

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Performance and precision

Automotive industry

As an experienced specialist with extensive expertise in the automotive industry, we offer high-quality solutions for first and second-tier suppliers. Our range of services includes the manufacture of stamping tools, stamped parts and individual components. We also actively support you in setting up production systems, from the first meeting to commissioning and training. We specialize in hybrid part production and work strictly in accordance with VDE guidelines.

Produktionsstrecke in der Automobilindustrie
Reinraum - Symbolbild für Medizintechnikindustrie

Compliance and precision

Medical technology industry

As an authorized system supplier for renowned companies in the medical technology sector, we meet special requirements for purity and traceable materials in accordance with medical technology standards. Our core competence lies in the manufacture of stamping tools and individual parts to meet the demanding requirements of this industry.

Efficiency and precision

Home appliance industry

We are specialized in the production of punching tools as well as spare and individual parts for the home appliance and furniture industry. We are also a recognized supplier for leading hinge manufacturers in Germany.

Waschmaschinen - Symbolbild für Haushaltsgeräteindustrie

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